A few bloggers on net…

I look at the internet and see but a few Naija based bloggers and i ask myself, what is going on?? Is that Nigerians are too busy to blog or they don’t want to or they don’t know much about it or they are too busy doing other things…

I ask because blogging keeps one busy and as the saying goes ”an idle mind is the devil’s workshop” plus personally I feel something telling people am a blogger in my own little way, on top of that i like to spend time online exploring things i have never seen and with that i have a good knowledge about the things my peers don’t have a clue of, and bevel it or not it makes me feel proud of myself.

And it brings me back to asking myself, with half of Nigerian children/youths with enhanced technology phones and tablets why do they keep away from having this great experience on the internet??, maybe it’s because i have not explored up to the level where i will see my Nigerian brothers or i have not gone to a deep level at where they(Nigerians) get together on net.

I always argue that technology has rather than spoilt the youths engaged them into being useful people in the society provided they ONLY DISPLAY POSITIVE CONTENT on the internet, and by this means I encourage my peers and elderly ones to abstain from negative content sharing on the internet and involve in stuff that will get other countries bewildered about Nigeria, am not trying to be one-sided here, but it pains so much to find only FOREIGN TOPICS ON MY BLOG AS A NIGERIANT HAT I T AM.

I pray that my content and message those not hit people the other way round, rather it should ring a thought of stepping up to do what is best for US.



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